Magnificent Earth

  • Posted on August 31, 2016 at 4:44 pm

Pure AirWe are your teachers and guides, and we hear your wishes to bring information to your fellow earthlings to help them through the transitions that are occurring in your lives and to provide information that will assist them in awakening–much as you would want to learn more and follow your path daily.

For this evening, we shall talk about the beginnings of Earth changes.  In order to understand what the planet Earth feels and experiences you would put yourself into the Earth’s core and see that you are the spark of God energy that directs the Earth.  For Earth is a living, breathing being just as those of you who live upon the surface.  Inside Earth is a heart and soul and inner guidance system.  And, above, the Earth also has teachers and guides to advise and assist her through her journey to become the perfection that she is.  Planets have agreements, also, with the higher order of the Universe.  Everything in existence strives to be the light that it is, as it was created, as it was manifested.

Humans play an important role in the existence of Earth for they are created from the Earth’s DNA and are more than caretakers.  They are part of Earth even though they view themselves as different and living upon Earth.  They are indeed living in Earth.  Therefore, if Earth changes, grows, or suffers, the humans do likewise.  It is wise always to praise Earth and to thank Earth for life and beauty and her efforts to become a planet of higher vibration, of higher existence–and to recognize all must work together to achieve the energies of ascension and love vibration.

Simply said, give thanks to Earth each day–for without Earth your soul’s experience in growth and awakening would not be possible at this pace.  In your words and prayers of gratitude include thoughts for Earth itself.  Be a part of Earth, and feel the energy of the Earth as part of you.

We look to the heavens and our soul self to free us.  Equally, look to your Earth self and know that you are living and breathing because of your relationship with Earth.  You belong here for now and extend from the core of your planet out into the expanses that you can only imagine.

It is magnificent.


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