Love Yourself

  • Posted on November 14, 2017 at 10:14 pm

Newsletter_May2017_sun1In the beginning you were a child of God.   In the end you are a child of God.

Always it is the human’s wish to fit in with others.  Why does that happen?

Because all humans feel a bit uncomfortable with themselves even though they may appear to be confident and sure of their goals and path and everyday wishes.  Inside, there is a tiny glow of doubt.  Being with others can be comforting if one is seeking companionship or like-mindedness or confirmation that one is doing “the right thing.”

Inside also dwells the Heart of God.  That is your Soul Self we speak of, and that is your internal guidance for the time you spend on Planet Earth.  That very part of you is the most important teacher in your lifespan on Earth, for that is your true self and hold the plans to your chosen experience here at this time.

Do you know you have the ability to heal yourself?  The knowledge to heal yourself?  You alone have more knowledge about your being than all the doctors on this planet.  You have the key to yourself.

Discovery of the true self simply requires quietness, inward reflection, or a peaceful environment.

Five minutes a day of Peace can bring tremendous insight into your peaceful self.  There, inside, is the love you have been seeking from others, from pleasures, from anything you can possess.  No outside source of love can compete with the love you have for yourself.  This is the pure love from which you were created.  This is the real you.

The body requires care and respect and does not relish harsh words from its occupant.  Treat your body–and talk to your body–as if it were your most precious child that you love with all your heart and soul.  For, it is . . .



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