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  • Posted on November 14, 2017 at 10:59 pm

Our topic today will be instilling belief in your consciousness.  Belief is faith, is trust—and this can wane at times if one perceives a change in quality of transmissions.  Let this not discourage you as this is normal with humans and even with those of us in the spiritual world.  Energy is constantly changing and affects our actions and intentions.


Of course, on your Planet Earth at this time is much upheaval in the Earth itself as well as the inhabitants, who are confronted with different perceptions and much chaos as human beings express their true feelings about one another.  All of this has an effect on one’s steadiness along the path of spiritual progression.


We would like to impart to you today that ups and downs are to be expected in any journey, whether on a road or in one’s mind, or in the outer realms of life perception from your viewpoint as a physical being with unseen parts of Self.  The Self is dense parts as well as invisible parts and encompasses a position on the physical Planet Earth as well as the ethereal Spiritual home.  You are both and, as an embodiment, experience frequencies of both sides.  At times you feel as though you have no home even though you have a permanent home as a Soul.  This permanent portion of you is always with you and available to you when you seek refuge.  Quietness will bring you to this place of calmness and stability.


Your consciousness is your awareness of your world and beyond–even though you may identify with it as your mind, your thinking, your knowledge, and your presence as a human being.  In reality, your consciousness expands into your total being awareness, extending into your ethereal Self and “knowing.”  You may visualize your mind as your brain and a part of your body; however, it extends into your full being and, at times, you are aware of other “worlds” and may believe it is your imagination, a vision, or a dream creation.  However, your “knowing” is reaching into magnifications of your total being as part of the Universe and God Energy.


Love Yourself

  • Posted on November 14, 2017 at 10:14 pm

Newsletter_May2017_sun1In the beginning you were a child of God.   In the end you are a child of God.

Always it is the human’s wish to fit in with others.  Why does that happen?

Because all humans feel a bit uncomfortable with themselves even though they may appear to be confident and sure of their goals and path and everyday wishes.  Inside, there is a tiny glow of doubt.  Being with others can be comforting if one is seeking companionship or like-mindedness or confirmation that one is doing “the right thing.”

Inside also dwells the Heart of God.  That is your Soul Self we speak of, and that is your internal guidance for the time you spend on Planet Earth.  That very part of you is the most important teacher in your lifespan on Earth, for that is your true self and hold the plans to your chosen experience here at this time.

Do you know you have the ability to heal yourself?  The knowledge to heal yourself?  You alone have more knowledge about your being than all the doctors on this planet.  You have the key to yourself.

Discovery of the true self simply requires quietness, inward reflection, or a peaceful environment.

Five minutes a day of Peace can bring tremendous insight into your peaceful self.  There, inside, is the love you have been seeking from others, from pleasures, from anything you can possess.  No outside source of love can compete with the love you have for yourself.  This is the pure love from which you were created.  This is the real you.

The body requires care and respect and does not relish harsh words from its occupant.  Treat your body–and talk to your body–as if it were your most precious child that you love with all your heart and soul.  For, it is . . .



Take Steps Each Day

  • Posted on November 29, 2016 at 12:23 am

2016-11-newsletter_dual_clouds1Every little step of the way you will feel as though you do not know what direction you are going or what direction you are to go.  However, we encourage you to take steps each day because each step takes you in the direction of your spiritual learning quest.  To learn is to reap the benefits of communicating with your Guides and with loved ones in the Spirit World–even “strangers” in the Spirit World.  We are here to assist all mankind/womankind if only you will ask.  For, as you are aware, we must have your permission to enter into your daily life or any part of your life.

We constantly feed information to you as you are thinking, as you are sleeping, as you are questioning life, and as you are looking to us for knowledge, we shall say.

You must uphold your physical life and your physical body to survive your Earth journey and enhance your Soul’s knowledge base.  However, each moment you think of your Guides, of Prime Source, or of your desire to know more–you have contacted us with permission to send messages, whisper in your ear, or bring vibrant dreams to your night state.  So, you see, you are continually learning and growing and making choices.

Continue to find joy in your creations and do not despair when you see what others do.  As we like to remind our Human Soul Friends, each of us is unique and has gifts that no other can reproduce 100%.  Each of us has a pathway and a mission–and that uniqueness benefits the world in which you live as well as the overall growth of the many–the One.  Every change on your planet changes the All–the One.  All of us (Souls) influence in a great way the expansion of the One.

You are You.  You are Divine.  You are a God Soul.


Choose your Path Consciously

  • Posted on September 6, 2016 at 8:44 pm

facebook_102815_Magic SunsetWe will give you information to help you achieve all that you are.  Your part is to meditate and grow.  We say this with love and affection.  For today, you will be busy, and that way your mind will let go.  Many others are like you, so they will benefit from this knowledge when you share it.

Your focus is there.  One thing at a time, we would say.

And, lose the worry mode.  There is absolutely no reason or benefit to worry.  That is simply a stall tactic and holds you back from what you wish to accomplish.

It is that other part of humans that doubts.  We are talking about the inner voice you hear.  Just say “no” when it speaks.  Train your mind to stay on the positive track.

Imagine two pathways.  One goes forward, is smooth and surrounded by beauty and leads to beauty.  That is the one you want to take, to stay on.  The other is up and down and backwards and difficult and dark and scary–don’t choose that one.  Ask yourself each day which path you want to follow.

It is a choice–but it must be a CONSCIOUS choice.