• Posted on November 14, 2017 at 10:59 pm

Our topic today will be instilling belief in your consciousness.  Belief is faith, is trust—and this can wane at times if one perceives a change in quality of transmissions.  Let this not discourage you as this is normal with humans and even with those of us in the spiritual world.  Energy is constantly changing and affects our actions and intentions.


Of course, on your Planet Earth at this time is much upheaval in the Earth itself as well as the inhabitants, who are confronted with different perceptions and much chaos as human beings express their true feelings about one another.  All of this has an effect on one’s steadiness along the path of spiritual progression.


We would like to impart to you today that ups and downs are to be expected in any journey, whether on a road or in one’s mind, or in the outer realms of life perception from your viewpoint as a physical being with unseen parts of Self.  The Self is dense parts as well as invisible parts and encompasses a position on the physical Planet Earth as well as the ethereal Spiritual home.  You are both and, as an embodiment, experience frequencies of both sides.  At times you feel as though you have no home even though you have a permanent home as a Soul.  This permanent portion of you is always with you and available to you when you seek refuge.  Quietness will bring you to this place of calmness and stability.


Your consciousness is your awareness of your world and beyond–even though you may identify with it as your mind, your thinking, your knowledge, and your presence as a human being.  In reality, your consciousness expands into your total being awareness, extending into your ethereal Self and “knowing.”  You may visualize your mind as your brain and a part of your body; however, it extends into your full being and, at times, you are aware of other “worlds” and may believe it is your imagination, a vision, or a dream creation.  However, your “knowing” is reaching into magnifications of your total being as part of the Universe and God Energy.


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