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Take Steps Each Day

  • Posted on November 29, 2016 at 12:23 am

2016-11-newsletter_dual_clouds1Every little step of the way you will feel as though you do not know what direction you are going or what direction you are to go.  However, we encourage you to take steps each day because each step takes you in the direction of your spiritual learning quest.  To learn is to reap the benefits of communicating with your Guides and with loved ones in the Spirit World–even “strangers” in the Spirit World.  We are here to assist all mankind/womankind if only you will ask.  For, as you are aware, we must have your permission to enter into your daily life or any part of your life.

We constantly feed information to you as you are thinking, as you are sleeping, as you are questioning life, and as you are looking to us for knowledge, we shall say.

You must uphold your physical life and your physical body to survive your Earth journey and enhance your Soul’s knowledge base.  However, each moment you think of your Guides, of Prime Source, or of your desire to know more–you have contacted us with permission to send messages, whisper in your ear, or bring vibrant dreams to your night state.  So, you see, you are continually learning and growing and making choices.

Continue to find joy in your creations and do not despair when you see what others do.  As we like to remind our Human Soul Friends, each of us is unique and has gifts that no other can reproduce 100%.  Each of us has a pathway and a mission–and that uniqueness benefits the world in which you live as well as the overall growth of the many–the One.  Every change on your planet changes the All–the One.  All of us (Souls) influence in a great way the expansion of the One.

You are You.  You are Divine.  You are a God Soul.