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Choose your Path Consciously

  • Posted on September 6, 2016 at 8:44 pm

facebook_102815_Magic SunsetWe will give you information to help you achieve all that you are.  Your part is to meditate and grow.  We say this with love and affection.  For today, you will be busy, and that way your mind will let go.  Many others are like you, so they will benefit from this knowledge when you share it.

Your focus is there.  One thing at a time, we would say.

And, lose the worry mode.  There is absolutely no reason or benefit to worry.  That is simply a stall tactic and holds you back from what you wish to accomplish.

It is that other part of humans that doubts.  We are talking about the inner voice you hear.  Just say “no” when it speaks.  Train your mind to stay on the positive track.

Imagine two pathways.  One goes forward, is smooth and surrounded by beauty and leads to beauty.  That is the one you want to take, to stay on.  The other is up and down and backwards and difficult and dark and scary–don’t choose that one.  Ask yourself each day which path you want to follow.

It is a choice–but it must be a CONSCIOUS choice.